SAICA Board Vacancies

Call for applications and/or nominations


In terms of the SAICA Constitution approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 26 June 2019, the Transitional Nominations Committee (TNC) is now calling for applications and/or nominations for a reconstituted Board for SAICA which will comprise executive and non-executive members.  The majority of the members will still be Chartered Accountants (SA) but this new Board will also include non-Chartered Accountants. The TNC are seeking applications/nominations for the SAICA Board as follows:

  • Four to six members of SAICA [CAs(SA)] who are not members of Council or employees of SAICA
  • Two to three non-members (individuals who are not CAs(SA))

Elected non-executive Board members are appointed for three-year terms and may be re-elected for a second term depending upon the balance of skills and diversity needs of the continuing Board as determined by the Board and the Nominations Committee from time to time with a limitation of six years of service. In terms of the Constitution, one third of the non-executive Board members retire each year but may be re-elected if they have not completed six years of service on the Board.

Successful candidates will be required to serve on the Board as non-executive members fulfilling their obligations in terms of the governance framework as detailed in the Constitution and By-laws. This will include preparing for and attending at least four Board meetings per year, Board sub-committee duties and an Annual General Meeting. It is the aim of the TNC to strive to achieve a balance of relevant skills, expertise and knowledge of the core skills of the profession that are appropriate for the governance of SAICA.

The application of eligibility is subject to the discretion of the TNC when recommendations will be submitted to a Special General Meeting of members for approval. In order to enhance the composition of a truly diverse Board and assist in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for the profession, the TNC will also consider race, gender, age and disability diversity in its selection process. All Board appointments are made having due regard to these attributes which the Board may require in order to be effective.

An extract of the requirements and criteria for the composition of the Board is outlined in Appendix A and B appended hereto.

The closing date for applications is 31 July 2019.


In terms of the SAICA Constitution, the Board of SAICA will comprise executive and non-executive members as well as Chartered Accountants (SA) and non-Chartered Accountants.

The majority of non-executive Board members shall be independent. In reviewing independence of a Board member, King IV™ will be considered. In particular, King IV™ provides that a Board member can be determined to be independent if, when judged from the perspective of a reasonable and informed third party, the Board member has no interest, position, association or relationship which is likely to unduly influence or cause bias in decision-making in the best interests of the Institute; provided that membership of the Institute will not automatically result in a presumption of a lack of independence.


Applications and/or nominations submitted should include the following:

  • Completed application/nomination form (Appendix C), which includes
    • Personal information, demographics and a motivation for the position which includes the specific skills that the candidate will offer the Board, to be completed by the candidate;
    • confirmation of availability, or acceptance of the nomination, duly signed by the candidate, for consideration by the TNC for appointment to the SAICA Board;
    • a list of potential conflicts of interest and a description as to how they will be safeguarded against for completion by the candidate; and
    • an agreement to stand for election and allow the performance of probity checks, duly signed.
  • Detailed curriculum vitae of the candidate (which should include a list of references).

Applications and/or nominations for vacancies (together with required documents listed above) should be sent to

Nominations for vacancies will be considered by the TNC in the context of the criteria set out in Appendix A and B.

The TNC will compile a shortlist of appropriate candidates in the context of the criteria as set out in Appendix A and B as well as the information provided by the candidates as per Appendix C. The NTC will then conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates. The TNC will present a list of candidates for voting by members at a Special General Meeting to be held later in 2019.

Please note that nominees would have to make themselves available for interviews. Interviews will only be confirmed with shortlisted nominees.


SAICA is a non-profit, voluntary association that provides a wide range of services to its members and associates. It is controlled by a Board which is elected by its members and advised by a Council representing member-constituencies. The President of the Council will be a member of the Board.

The principal purpose and object of the Institute is to enhance the relevance, values, competence and influence of members and associates in South Africa and abroad, and to contribute to economic and social development in South Africa. In order to achieve this purpose, it has the following ancillary objects:

  • To act in the public interest and to safeguard the values of the profession;
  • To promote the common interest of members and associates nationally and internationally;
  • To support and encourage the advancement of skills and knowledge and ensure members have the appropriate competencies;
  • To contribute to economic and social advancement of South Africa; and
  • To grow and transform the profession.

SAICA members are active in various activities including business advisors, business leaders and entrepreneurs, amongst others. Members of SAICA are entitled to use the CA(SA) designation after their names. The designation is associated with someone who has considerable expertise in the theory and practice of accountancy.

The Institute has associates known as Associate General Accountants (SA). An AGA(SA) is a highly skilled accountant who has completed both a SAICA-accredited BCom degree and SAICA-accredited training programme. AGAs(SA) operate in a broad range of varied work activities, most of which are complex and non-routine. The Accounting Technician (AT(SA)) designation, which also enjoys associateship with SAICA, is a practical, work-ready foundational designation. This entry-level accountancy qualification offers a solid foundation in accounting, finance, and business practice. AT(SA) is accessible to aspirant accountants who function at foundational business levels.

All three designations are underpinned by SAICA’s solid ethical foundation, equipping members and associates with the tools to uphold the highest level of professionalism, discipline, and performance at the relevant business level.

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