How do I provide evidence of CPD?


Through the reflective planning form: The only documentation you need to retain for SAICA is the reflective planning form (either SAICA’s template or your own). SAICA will assess the relevance, coverage and level of reflection recorded in your reflective plan. If SAICA has set compulsory learning areas for your sector of the profession, they will check to what extent you have covered the learning areas and your reflection on the learning outcome.

In cases where SAICA is dissatisfied with the quality of the reflective plan submitted through the monitoring procedures, it may require further information from you through an interview. Competency interviews will be done through the regional offices. This reflective plan must be kept for three calendar years.

Through the annual declaration: All members and associates will be required to submit an annual declaration to SAICA. The declaration will be updated to reflect an output-based approach to CPD and those areas of competence SAICA may from time to time mandate. The declaration will also include those members and associates who have retired or who are taking a leave of absence from practice.